Our First Album **Coming Soon**

Temporary Album Cover

This set from Soundcloud represents the first official album by Digital Slumber Party, it will available soon wherever digital music is sold. Stay tuned to find out more about the release. Title and artwork are pending. The final mix and master are the work of Adriel Garcia.


The Digital Labs: 3 Works in Progress Unveiled: 30STM / 72HRS / Robotica

It may seem rather slow for the past couple of months, but most of what we’ve been working on has just been under wraps.

The Digital Labs Soundcloud has come alive with 3 new tracks, some of them in the works for many weeks …still works in progress.


30 Seconds to Mars “The Kill” (Slumberlabs Remix)

This track has actually been under wraps for many months, check out this near polished mix:



A brand new Digital Labs track …this is the first complete mix of the song that was unveiled, it still has a ways to go before being marked complete.



This song is brand new, composed in a single night …we have idea where it will go from here:

Remix of the Week: Clockwork

This week’s mix has created two pounding and chaotic monster tracks! We present, for your approval: Clockwork

Breakneck Clockwork

Clockwork Digistep Mix

Original Concept

This week we will be remixing a previously untitled Digital Labs experiment: Digitek 011.

Remix of the Week: Rainy Day Delights

This is the first of what will hopefully be many Remix competitions between A.D. Eight and The Digital Labs. The intention is to create two separate remixes of an older Digital Slumber Party, Digital Labs or A.D. Eight track and share them both together when they are completed. The track this week is the The Digital Labs track “Rainy Day Delights“:

Rainy Day Delights (88mix)

A.D. Eight brings us a lush, yet subtle Trip-Hop soundscape:

Rainy Day Delights (SlumberLabs Dubstep Remix)

The Digital Labs has opted for a grity, dark dubstep rendition:

The original Digital Labs track:

Midnight Pressure: SlumberLabs Remix (Dubstep)

The Digital Labs is proud to present a dubstep remix of the A.D. Eight track “Midnight Pressure”

The Original Song: